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Wayne Edwards'  A R T   S T U D I O



Simply send a high quality jpeg image as an email attachment or on dropbox and make a bank deposit. In most cases the completed painting is shipped within 14 days of receiving the image and the final payment.

“March Madness” SPECIAL OFFER:

A single person painting at the approximate size of an A4 sheet of paper in acrylics delivered unframed in Australia is only $450.


  1. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to be lodged in an Australian bank account before the portrait can be commenced.
  2. The quotation is for a single person (above shoulder pose- as per the example to the left) with no detail in the background. If more figures or surrounding detail is required and individual quotation would be made.
  3. The style of the painting is realism and produced in colour. Other painting styles and colour schemes may be possible.
  4. Oil paintings take longer to produced and dry and therefore attract an addition fee of $100 and may take up to a month before than can be shipped.
  5. Larger paintings, group portraits are possible.
  6. The photographic imaged received must be high definition, clear and be able to be reproduced as a painting without infringing copyright laws.
  7. Changes to the image as a painting may be possible. Depending on the change there may be an additional charge.
  8. The completed work will only be dispatched when the final payment is received.

TO COMMISSION A PORTRAIT: Send an email and the image to:

[email protected]

and you will have a unique painted portrait to treasure.